FIFA: the best soccer game ever created.

The best football game is FIFA

  • Improved movements and player's dribbling skills
  • Precise control over shoots
  • Fully licensed: enjoy all players, all soccer teams and their stadiums
  • Outstanding graphics

New Game Engine

FIFA's impact engine makes tackles look and feel much more realistic. This adds realistic behavior to common situations in which two players are involved. Game physics are improved to provide top quality soccer simulation gameplay.

Career Mode

Do you want to be that world-wide famous soccer player? Let's start the Career Mode! You begin as a rookie player on its way to success. As long as you keep winning matches you will get chances to be hired by important soccer clubs and share that progress on social networks.

Get Smart

The player now can take instant decisions with greater freedom of improvisation and better outcomes. From give a pass to dribbling as well as to defend, the user can perform the move you want.